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The Obama administration is ushering in a transformational era for millions of Cubans who have suffered as a result of more than 50 years of hostility between the two nations. Obama could have taken modest,, gradual steps toward a thaw. Instead, he has courageously gone as far as he can, within the constraints of an outmoded 1996 law that imposes stiff sanctions on Cuba in the pursuit of regime change.

Little known fact: if you've ever paused your TV, you've used technology developed at China Lake, according to China Lake Museum Foundation Acting President Alice Campbell. Stop-action cameras . . . that original technology came from China Lake for having to track high speed missiles for data reduction,ugg boots, she said.In a possibly better-known fact, Campbell said, light sticks were invented at China Lake to recover downed pilots. It's probably the one people think of because everyone uses light sticks now. In addition,gen17703, she said,ugg boots outlet, our local area is the home of many other important,cheap ugg boots, little-known facts. It's time for us to tell these stories. Alice hopes a new location for the U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology/China Lake Museum of Armament and Technology and Heritage Center may allow more room to do just that. Along with husband Robert Campbell, President Emeritus of the foundation,cheap uggs, and others Alice is working to relocate the museum to Ridgecrest; the proposed location is adjacent to the SpringHill Suites Hotel complex off China Lake Boulevard.Long located on the base,not ripping people off, the museum currently has three major exhibits,, in Alice's opinion. They are the Sidewinder Missile, the Walleye guided smart bomb and the shrike anti-radar guided missile. Those three exhibits are key in my view because [those weapons systems] spent most or all of their entire life cycles at China Lake, she said.In its current location at the Officer's Club on the base, the museum features three rooms full of weapons exhibits, memory lane, also known as the Old Officer's Club bar and the Zabel Gallery, featuring original artwork capturing China Lake Heritage according to a foundation flier. (Also on the premises are a gift shop, offices, and restrooms.) The first step is to move and reorganize what we have, Robert said. Accordingly, the China Lake Museum Foundation is working on raising the roughly $3 million they estimate it will take to get into the new building near China Lake Boulevard. (See related story this edition.)After a move, the foundation would be responsible for monitoring exhibits, although most of the material would still belong to the Navy,compared with their volume of, Robert said. After that, new exhibits may be in the works. The museum is more than just a weapons museum, Robert said. It also includes the legacy, the people side of it. One idea is an exhibit highlighting technology used during all the presidential terms, he said.In addition, a lot of people who are non-technical, they sit in the lobby [saying] 'we don't want to look at weapons,' he said. Consequently, another idea is to re-do it along the lives and the scientists who worked on it and tell their stories, he said, adding that another idea is a World War II exhibit.Page 2 of 2 - Weapons history is important, too, Robert said. Consequently, exhibits on avionics, technology and aircraft software are planned, which should appeal to the technophiles out there. We hope to appeal to everyone, Alice said.Alice said she hopes the museum will also maintain and expand its educational component. My passion is for our kids to get an education in rocket science and to make it easy for them,Mark Tress, she said.In addition to helping to establish what could be an important local landmark, founders can also contribute their own stories. We are trying to collect the founders' histories, Robert said. That's the message we're trying to get to all 'China Lakers' here's a chance to make a difference.

BEIJING (AP) �� Upset by a delayed flight, at least two Chinese passengers decided to open emergency exit doors in protest as the plane was taxiing, forcing it to abort takeoff and landing them in jail instead,A Contra Costa County judge, police said Sunday.

Ahead of the summit, business leaders such as Apple's Tim Cook renewed or expanded pledges to help the planet by running their businesses more efficiently, investing in renewable energy or pulling their investments from fossil fuel companies.

��Ensuring the humane treatment of farm animals truly is one of the remaining frontiers in animal welfare,�� says Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association. ��Fortunately, more and more people are looking for humane food choices that are in line with their values, and we encourage the more than 95 percent of Americans who do choose to eat eggs,Armand Potts had seven points, meat, poultry and dairy to seek out humanely raised products and set a humane table for their families.��

Watkins,showing her the condition of , 32,find us on Facebook or go to ., was arrested in July after an 18-year-old student came forward and said he and Watkins had sex more times than he could count over a nine-month period and she had provided and smoked marijuana with him and a younger student. According to court documents, Watkins threatened to fail the older student if he broke off the relationship.

We needed to win the game for us. It wasn't about Peyton or Andrew or anything like that, Irsay said. It was about just us trying to beat the Broncos. Again, this was the Colts vs. the Broncos, even though the quarterbacks mean so much.