Takoda Bendolph

Linebacker Nolan Berry of Westmont was selected as the league's Sophomore of the Year and first-year coach Mark Ka'anapu was the Coach of the Year after leading the Warriors to a 6-1 league record. Westmont finished 9-2 overall.

Matthew Mitchell would not comment when asked if frustration led to his two technical and ejection late in the game. "I would love to have a good discussion with you, but it's just not allowed to talk about officiating," he said.

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CAESAR RODNEY RIDERS Head Coach: Dan Candeloro Returnees: (Boys) Rasheed Teasley, Dylan Pearson, Luke Parker, Evan Meinhold, Chris McPoyle, Daniel Krewson,http://www.uggsboots.us.com, Caleb Giles, Aaron Garduno, Jordan Franklin, Joshua Dyer, Robert Crestwell, Takoda Bendolph, Kariem Broxton (Girls) Jeanette Bendolph,ugg boots,In an opening blistering with zingers, Gina Campagnini, Brianna Cooper, Stephanie Benavidez,cheap uggs,inspection, Newcomers: N/A Season Outlook: The Caesar Rodney Riders indoor track team returns for another season, hoping to duplicate some of their success from last season. While CR will have to replace the output left behind by the likes of Daylakashawn McDonald, Tyra Reid, and Austinio Brown, both the boys and girls teams hope to contend within the division. The boys look to have another large team this season and several returnees from last season looking to fill the shoes left behind by graduating seniors. For the girls, they also expect another deep squad this season. Jeanette Bendolph and Gina Campagnini look to take over the lead role from Reid this season while improving their times in preparation for states. DOVER SENATORS Head Coach: James Solomon Returnees: (Boys) Mykele Sanders, Nick Glover,, Jamal Faulkner, Christian Adkins, John Castro, Khari Bonnelli, Sean Saxton, Ronald Jones, Rasaki Salawi, Adam Spencer (Girls) Ananda Cann, Joy Adkins, Kaitlyn Reed, Hayleigh Jiminez, Ave Burleigh, Qabia Patillo,, Jada Bogle, Rebecca Landry, Tajah Anderton, Janae Khan Newcomers: (Boys) Karon Roberts, DeVontae Wilson, Nahjir Drayton, Deonatae Hickman (Girls) Ariel Wilson Season Outlook: The Dover Senators indoor track team is back for another season, looking to once again finish near the top in the Henlopen Conference. The boys return several standouts including Mykele Sanders, Nick Glover, and John Castro. Sanders looks to continue to improve his standing among some of the best in the state after sweeping three events, 55m,dies in NY at 80NEXT ARTICLEF, 200m, 400m, in last year s conference championships. For the Lady Senators, they hope to bounce back this season with a core-group of returnees led by Ananda Cann, Tajah Anderton, Joy Adkins, and Hayleigh Jiminez. Both teams should have enough depth to compete each week, while several will have the chance to make some noise in states. For Fans: Senior Mykele Sanders has visited several colleges during the fall, including the University of Mississippi and Kansas University. Coach s Quote: Both teams should be competitive this upcoming season. LAKE FOREST SPARTANS Head Coach: Lou Copio Returnees: (Boys) John Flamer, Vaeshon Deshields, Austin Lonski, Henry Miller, Logan Minner, Joseph Stevens (Girls) Erin Wix, Marissa Monteverde, Natasha Krause, Cynthia Juarez, Victoria Howerin, Courtney Ivins,but we are a work in progress that continued today so that was good to see, Lauren Fleming, Casey Collier Page 2 of 2 - Newcomers: (Boys) Michael Wills, Patrick Wills, Dudley Magee, Ryan Harrold, Quinton Jones, Carter Kenton, Kyle Gott (Girls) Brooke Kohout, Riana Miller, Brielle Schiff, Caroline Schiff, Emma Guzior Season Outlook: The Lake Forest Spartans return to the track for another season looking to gain ground on their Henlopen Conferences counterparts Caesar Rodney and Dover. For the boys, Vaeshon Deshields returns to lead a large group ready to take the next step both as a team and as individuals. Along with Deshields, John Flamer, and Austin Lonski return to solidify a deep senior class. For the Lady Spartans,Measured as a ratio of weight, Erin Wix, Lauren Fleming, and Natasha Krause return to lead a large but inexperienced group of athletes that hope to get better as the season goes along. The goal for both teams will be to improve on their times to get ready for both the conference and state tournaments in early 2015.